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Drug addiction is one of the most challenging obstacles a person can encounter as they journey through life. Instead of making their own decisions in the pursuit of happiness, people who are addicted to drugs often are unable to make choices to be happy because their addictions pull them down the wrong paths. When you are addicted to drugs, it is your addiction that is in control. If you want to regain control of your life, you should consider Sheppard Rehabilitation, our St. George, Utah substance abuse treatment facility.

Withdrawal the Safe Way

One of the most frustrating things about trying to get clean is that the beginning stage is so incredibly difficult. When you are going through withdrawal, it can often feel like agony. The discomfort that comes with withdrawal from drugs often leads users to find another fix so that they can stop feeling so awful. That is why it is so smart to go through managed detox at our St. George, Utah drug rehab facility. At Sheppard Rehabilitation, you will be kept as comfortable as possible as you safely go through detox.

A Mental Health Evaluation

At our drug rehab center, one of the most important things that every client needs is an evaluation of their mental health by a professional. The fact is that about half of people who are addicted to drugs also suffer from mental health problems. In fact, many people who are addicted to drugs began using in an attempt to self-medicate their mental health problems. At our addiction recovery center in St. George, Utah, we evaluate all of our clients to determine if they need any mental health treatment to benefit their addiction recovery.

Finding the Treatment Plan That’s Right for You

At Sheppard Rehabilitation addiction treatment facility, we are proud to provide clients with individualized treatment plans. When you enter our drug rehab facility, we will create an addiction recovery program that is specifically designed for you. As you go through the program, we will monitor your progress and make tweaks to your treatment plan as necessary. We want to make sure that your addiction recovery program is always optimized for you to give you the best chance of beating your drug addiction.

Making Sure You Feel Safe

When you are looking at drug rehab centers, you need to make sure that you find one where you feel safe. It takes a lot of courage to open up about your addiction, and it is a lot easier to be brave when you are in an environment where you feel safe. While you are in our St. George, Utah addiction recovery facility, you can always count on us to do everything possible to make sure you feel secure. When you are enveloped in a pocket of safety, it allows you to feel the courage you need to share your story.

Attending Group Therapy

The most powerful tool in the addiction recovery toolbox is group therapy. Attending group therapy at our St. George, Utah addiction treatment center will be the foundation of your recovery. Inside the group, you will confidentially share your stories with each other. You will work as a group to really understand addiction. You will learn about the consequences of using and how to avoid falling victim to the temptation to use. It is a powerful resource that will change your life.

Aftercare Help

Your addiction doesn’t end when you leave our facility, and your addiction treatment program does not end either. When you leave us, we will provide you with a range of aftercare services to help ensure you can stay clean as you transition back to your everyday life.

Addiction is something that you must take seriously. It is too damaging a force to treat lightly. When you are ready to tackle your addiction, come see us at our St. George, Utah addiction recovery center. We have all the resources you need to once again enjoy the pleasures of sober living.