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What Next? Drug Addiction Help that Lasts

What’s next? I have finally accepted that I'm addicted to drugs and that I can't do this alone!

Many people face this important place in their relationship with substance addiction, and their next step is critical. This one pivotal step can lead you towards lasting sobriety, and that is to reach out to a thirty, sixty, or ninety-day addiction recovery facility. An intake consultation will let you know which program length is best for your situation.

What is the Bigger Picture?

Lasting sobriety is only possible with professional addiction recovery treatment that is offered by clinical professionals who understand the bigger picture. The bigger picture involves your loved ones, your employment, and your future. You need each of these things to succeed long-term in life and to stay sober.

Overcoming addiction involves stepping out of the box of limitations and failures. Many challenges must be faced and overcome, but first, you must get clean and sober. An addiction treatment center is a safe place to get sober and to face the complications that drugs have created in your life.

Drug rehab centers are safe because they remove the recovering individual from the daily stressors that have pushed them towards substance and drug use. Removing yourself from access to dealers and other users for a time is a huge benefit, and it also removes you from daily stresses that may be too hard to face at this time.

The Sheppard Rehabilitation addiction recovery program provides quality treatment centers that emphasize whole body health including mental, physical, and emotional well-being. There are some mental health issues that lead to the reoccurrence of drug use, and a dual-treatment drug rehab facility is beneficial because it provides simultaneous treatment for mental, physical, and emotional issues that may hinder addiction treatment if they are left unaddressed.

Mental Health Issues Commonly Tied to Addiction

Many mental health issues may lead to self-medicating tendencies, but our substance abuse treatment facility will help you sort through what is happening and discern why you are drawn to drugs and addiction. Stress and physical issues may also be intertwined with your dependency and addiction. This is something that a clinical team can help you address in the privacy and comfort of the addiction recovery center.

The answers that can be found at our drug rehab center in Las Vegas, Nevada are life-changing. We provide each individual with a customized plan for getting and staying sober. Aftercare is incorporated into the treatment, and a caring team of staff members will collaborate together to provide maximized care for you.

The Sheppard Rehabilitation addiction treatment facility provides group counseling with peer support, family counseling to bring reconciliation to your external support system, and one-on-one therapy. This wrap-around care ensures that you are properly diagnosed and that you receive the tools needed to leave the facility empowered and able to stay sober.

We recognize the importance of treating the entire person - body, soul and spirit, and we use techniques such as healthy stress management to overcome the elastic pull towards addiction. Healthy stress management and coping skills are taught in our drug rehab centers, and they are some of the tools needed for lasting success.

Healthy Group Therapy Coping Skills

Our facilities provide a 100 percent integrated approach that leads the way in drug detox clinic success. We have an extensive track record for helping clients achieve lasting sobriety.

The bigger picture is to step out of addiction, and with the care of a Sheppard Rehabilitation treatment facility, you can get the help that you need to fix the broken areas in your life and to start life again. Calling Sheppard Rehabilitation drug rehab facility is a step that will lead you to hope and freedom from addiction.