When you can finally purge denial from your life, sobriety opens up doors to the beautiful places life has in store.
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Welcome to Sheppard Rehabilitation

Sheppard Rehabilitation is dedicated to fulfilling the goals of each client by enabling them to surmount their addiction with numerous addiction recovery methods that cater to each client’s needs and circumstances. With unprecedented care and empathy, our expert addiction specialists administer groundbreaking treatment that truly makes a world of difference. Call us for your free consultation today.

Our Clinic

Sheppard addiction recovery centers apply three key stages to relieve clients of their substance abuse disorder and any contributing mental illnesses. First, supervised detox will allow you to go through withdrawal symptoms in as most comfort and safety as possible. Then, long-term therapy will begin with sessions with a personal counselor in order to create an individualized treatment plan that will guide you through recovery.

Group therapy will allow you to open up, share your feelings, and exchange advice with a valuable and effective bond of communal support. This guidance and support will last onward through the rest of your treatment at our substance abuse treatment clinic and into aftercare, where you’ll have deliberately planned resources that will empower you to stay sober.

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